We seek to serve our local area, and this church has been at the heart of the parish of East Barnet for nearly a thousand years: bearing a constant witness to the love of God.

Our mission is educational, and we develop the depth of our faith in dialogue with the challenge of living in the modern world. Through a programme of learning initiatives, we explore important issues in theology, society and the arts. We regularly hold courses to prepare young people to receive communion and to help those exploring their faith before confirmation. Families and children play an important part in our community life both in church and in our local schools, and we have a very close relationship with St Mary’s Church of England Primary School.




Our community is inclusive, and we value all people as made in the image of God. We are a member of Inclusive Church. We are in an ecumenical partnership with Barnet Brookside Methodist Church, and have excellent relationships with other neighbouring faith communities.  

Our care is incarnational, and we are committed to sharing the fruits of our faith with everyone who lives in the local area. We have close connections with Chipping Barnet Foodbank and Homeless Action in Barnet. We help to run the Barnet churches together winter night shelter, and are associated with local almshouse charities. We also engage in annual fundraising for the work of the Children’s Society and Christian Aid.

Our ministers seek to respond to the needs of any individual or family with compassion and understanding. If you are seeking help to celebrate a significant life event or mark a moment of transition or pain, or are in search of pastoral care, please contact the parish office.